Privacy Policy
SB Furniture Group respects and recognizes your privacy right on internet network. The Company therefore strives to
manage this policy accordingly pursuant to protect your personal information collected by your interaction to Website.
Personal Information
All Users’ Personal Information disclosed to Name, Email address or etc. The company shall keep
such information confidential at a high standard of security and shall not share your information to third parties’ Website.
Your information will be collected for certain benefit in development purpose and for rendering services pursuant to your need,
except providing information to Governmental Organizations by law, Court or Legitimate Inquiry Official.
Business Profile/ Education
In the event you are interested to join in business as sale agent or interested to work with the Company. We will collect
your Business and Education Profile or your Business Information confidential, and will not collect any of your information for
using them in marketing purpose. Please see details in “Respectful Pledge on Your Privacy Right” topic.
Respectful Pledge on Your Privacy Right
SB Furniture Group recognizes and respects your privacy right and principally protects information of yours, includes we have
the legitimate standard management of your personal information‘s system by The Company shall not sell or disclose your
information which you can be personally identified, and shall prevent you from being contacted by any third parties directly
without your prior consent.
Therefore we imply your consent to accept this pledge and you consent us to use, sell, disclose and trade your
personal information we obtained as followed:
  • Internal Information Analysis and Sale Promotion Process; we may use your information for the statistic purpose
    within our Organization or for Design, Development or other Processes of products and services.
  • To trade Company’s Information; you consent and certify that any information obtained from
    Website is deemed to be Trade Secret of the Company, and as the owner of such information, we can disclose or sell
    such information as existing assets of the Company by the time Company was sold or such information is part of our
    assets distribute to third parties.
  • Educational and Job Profile you interacted with the Company when applying for a job we published will be used for
    the purpose of internal affairs of the Company in order to recruit the manpower on the position we published on this
    Website. However, the Company may keep your personal information from time to time for some period in order to
    notify you the vacancy of similar position, such information will be collected in internal data base example human
    resources data base for reference purpose. The company may keep and use such information for reasonable
  • period of time and in compliance to the law regarding data storage. The Company may share this personal information
    with affiliates group of the Company.

Aggregate Information
The Company collects combined information every time you interacted with our Website example many types of Click
Steams at URLs or Domain, Site Traffic Statistics, Page View, Impressions, Operating System and type of Browser.

Moreover, when you open the Company’s Web page, our server will lock your IP address automatically. IP address is the
automatic designated number of your computer, which these combined information generally do not identify you personally
or unsolicited contact you for other purpose. The Company may keep, collect, store, publish, promote, report, sell or disclose
or use any part or entire of such combined information in which such information will not identify you. In the event that the
Company use such information to any third parties, we make sure you cannot be trace so you are identified as one of the
other users and we will not contact you by such information. In case the Company interface these combined information with
you, such information will be treated as other personal information in this policy hereof.
Cookies on our Website may be utilised by the Company. Cookies are small text files which web server stored on your
computer as indicated or designated on users’ software browser. Cookies do not design or indicate to retrieve your
information from your computer (except they are its contents), on the contrary, cookies are the identifier which website
initially place on your computer’s hard drive and the same server can recover of actual contents of Cookies information in
order to identify the computer and adapt the sites to meet each other user’s satisfaction, observe site usage, or even site
governance according to data stored in Host Server, therefore Cookies are the identifier of your computer for website in order
to link to other data includes direct related data of the Cookies.

The Company may use Cookies in order to help getting into the site and automatically store data in our Website. Examples
the Company may use Cookies to design the site pursuant to your liking or personal interest or modify sale promotion or
marketing to be appropriated for each customer. Cookies moreover help the Company in observing site usage for modifying
and revising the site to be up to date and efficient by find out what is useful and in trend or what is in dislike.

You may adjust your web browser to notify you that currently you using Cookies or refuse to use Cookies at all. For Internet
Explorer user, you may click “Start” button then select Control Panel, Internet Options and Security. If you click “Custom”
you will see option how to use Cookies. Please note in case you choose Disable Cookies, site may not work properly or you
may not permitted to enter into the Website.
The Company take precautions as reasonable as possible to be in commercial business in order to protect and collect your
personal information for preventing a loss of information, wrongful usage, modification or destruction by unauthorized person.