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SB Furniture
The Expert for Your Ideal Living
Getting to know Modern Italian Style Designs, with exclusively unique style, outstanding by mixture of colors, materials, innovation and up to date manufacture technology in creation of rhythm of our dynamic designs reflected your own self who is the One-upmanship.
Provoke Happiness with Distinctive Design
Differrent by design by trend leader
to bring you the experience of happiness in every of your favorite room, we dedicate in developing our designs constantly, because even more high level of designs shall be brought to you.
Innovation through Inspiled Living
Most Leading Designs Innovation
newest not stereotypy, was created from the inspiration to be an answer of every type of living, originating new innovation to be available for you before others.
What do you like, please choose
all because you are one of the people living lives differ from others, not to be the same, we so respond your desire right  to it by trendy ideas furniture you can choose and design by your own.
KONCEPT Furniture
koncept furniture
Your Smart Choice right choice for smart choose
express the beauty in  modern contemporary style and respond your desire in every aspect by quality furniture, contented in designs, sufficient functioned usages in worthy price, also fit into every size of area and match your desire.
SB Design's Concept
SB Design's Concept
SB Design's Concept
koncept quality
Export quality standard
to bring you most satisfaction, every work piece so manufactured under international standard recognized globally, trustworthy guaranty by numbers of distributed representative store all over every region of Thailand as well as is the Global Brand that distribute merchandises in some of the countries around the world.
Fall into place with design and function
feel the designs in many emotions which were created to respond your taste in decoration of your home, with care by many more function worthy ready in use, answer all of your desire.