SB's willingness is to fulfill happiness and warmth surrounding in every area of your home
Your every single imagined vision of your favorite corner is the inspiration…
for us to dynamically create variety styles of work piece, and to take part
in helping you to be fulfilled with happiness in every special moment for
your family members, there is only because “Perfection in your art
of living is our happiness.
Our Factory
Origin of ultimate perfection of happiness
Whether small or large work piece, every single piece of your favorite furniture
is meticulously being manufactured from highly advanced technological centre
in manufacturing, composed by experienced cognitive knowledge collected.
Excellent quality in storage and logistics system, not limited to manpower from
every manufacturing gears full of intention…One of the best high and up to
date technology factory located in 140 rai of land here, well brought you most
satisfaction to your home and among Thais by One Million households more.
our philosophy
Not just only place for living…but “HOME” is where love and warmth centered
in to, place to enhance lively energy, mindfulness energy make you ready to
welcome new day with smiles and joyfulness in days. SB intends to build our
organization supposedly a livable and pleasant large home by focusing in
improvement and management of environmental concern in order to make
a better quality of life for every employee who is like as our important family
member, is all because Home is where happiness exists, our members are ready
to bring “Happiness” toward your family, give and share good deeds back to society.
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Nature for Future
Take part in creating Happiness in sustainability community
We joined in by developing and switching to use "Particle Board" as
a material to make a furniture rather than teakwood, intend to preserve
natural forest resources of our country.
raise standard of living
Step to the door way of international standard, leveled up Thai Furniture standard
by producing Friendly-safe furniture for owner: we now use E1 Wood or
European Standard Class 1, while this E1 is low Formaldehyde wood
according to the standard of European Union and Japan, as raw material to
produce single piece in every product.
Create a Better Society and Environment
Giving Back to Society
fully with standard of manufacturing in which intentionally to reduce Environmental
impact and conducting green business in friendly and with concern toward
community either inside or outside our Factory, also sustaining and giving back
to society to create Happiness in jointly harmony of living.